Tibetan Sho

Sho is a traditional Tibetan dice game, with its abstract logic similar to Ludo.

Three or more players race their tokens on a path marked with shells,with the number of jumps determined by throwing a pair of six-sided dice. Tokens can be stacked, and stacked token can kill another stack of equal or lesser strength. Stacked token may block another players token. Players may collaborate to block another's move, although only one player can win the game,which is whoever moves all his token to the end point.

Play the beta using Graphical ui. Compile/download the jar , then run it using java -jar Sho.jar

Here is a link to Heinreich Harrers ( of "Seven years in Tibet") picture and short description of Tibetans playing the game.

Here is a French book amazon France link that claims to describe sho. I haven't read it as i don't speak French. Let me know if you do!

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Programmer:Tenzin Dakpa & Wangdu Gyalpo